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    Just want to say Thanks

    I teach science and coach 8th grade baseball. One of my former players who's now in 9th grade had a 15-year old friend that was gonna start SUS and DECA , not knowing that they were steroids . I sent the former player a link posted here about the effects of SUS and DECA, who forwarded it to his friend.

    Apparently his friend didn't even know what these AS were and all he heard was it that it will get you "real big". After reading the information from the link, he's not gonna touch it.

    Thanks to everyone here for passing on your knowledge and being vigilant in your philosophy of youth and steroids.

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    you should also tell him that anything that he's gonna have to inject into his body can't be necessary for a 15 year old...

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    Very good post speaking from an older person, (myself), and if my kid that age wanted to do AS, I would try to discourage him away. I personally think that someone shouldn't do AS until they are at least late 20's if not 30's. Your body has done all of it's changin and growing and your test levels have stablized and for the most part those of us who have trained a long time, know our bodies, and know how they react to "certain" substances.
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