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    Unhappy Deca

    Has anyone used Deca pronabol (nadrolone), it's got like a bit 'o' pink on the packet & on the label on the amp, also is it the same as other deca, if i was using deca durabolin (organon) could i use pronabol as a replacement in my cycle???????? help please

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    check out drug profiles.. see what it says.

    sorry couldn't have been of more help, but no one's responded yet so i thought I try and help!

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    if it's deca , then it should be fine whichever brand you choose, but deca is just an ester of the steroid nandrolone . if you use another brand of nandrolone that's not close to the same size ester as deca then you're gonna mess up your release times.

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    yeah i agree with Dr Evil, i think you should stick to the same manufacuturer just to be on the safe side. you don't know the quality control anyway of these companies so better stick to the same one and not mix

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