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    armidex? or clomid? or both

    Hey whats up guys,

    All is good, i'm hoping everyone is getting massive!!! It has been about two months since my first cycle. I've been pretty patient, i'm waiting till about april or may to do my second cycle. I was previously cycling TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE 400mgs a week/10 weeks. I am managing my gains and i've been able to hold on to about 15lbs of my gains. I plan on doing a lil stronger cycle: SUSTANEON250 500mgs a week/10 weeks, and probally about 25-30mgs of dbol also. I am able to get armidex, and clomid. My question is this what is your guys take on armidex is it worth the money or should i stick to just clomid. I hear it is alot better than clomid, so i'm going to pick some up, but i just wanted to hear a second opinion. I can't say thank you enough. I apreciate all replies.

    P.S. The armidex is in liquid form, is this usually how you can get it.

    Thanks again, take care, be safe and i hope everyone gets as massive as they can be.

    peace guys, until next time


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    Clomid is a very poor anti-estrogen...Go with the arimidex or liquiex (it's cheaper) and save your clomid for post cycle recovery...Arimidex is definately worth the cash, it also helps post cycle...

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    just clomid post cycle
    unless you are prone to ugly sides u dont like from test.
    then run your armididex throughout

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    they're 2 different things.

    arimidex is very potent, but expensive. if all you want to do is to get prevent gyno, don't take arimidex throughout your cycle. it's too good and expensive for that. just take it at the first sign of symptoms and it should work right away. take clomid and arimidex post cycle to help keep gains.

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