More ideas thought of while eating spaghetti and meatballs.........

RC didn't talk about this in his book nor have I found it anywhere else. Each postage route has a normal postman or postwoman. The normal postman not delivering your package is one sign of a cd. Now I know many people have taken it upon themselves to befriend their postman, giving him gifts at Christmas time and birthday cards like you would any friend. Now to me, this would be a great source of info on whether or not you'll be looking at a cd on a pending order. Its plain and simple. The authorities don't know that he and you have this 'friendship'. The ONLY thing he has to say to you is something like 'A package came for you today but I can't deliver it.'

Now I guess if the package was intercepted it would be way before he had any knowledge of it. And if he dosn't know about it he can't tell you anything.

What I'm trying to say is that at what point (how high up does your friend have to be in the postal service) can a friend on the inside inform you of mail that you have comming your way.

I see nothing illegal in a postal employee informing a friend that a package has arrived for him but for some reason it can't be delivered normally.