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    A good story...Must Read...

    The Steroid Ezine


    In this short update we have included the following fabulous steroid story from a member. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did... "Physicians need to come up off their anal-retentive attitudes and brainwashed mentalities about steroids."

    "Physicians need to come up off their anal-retentive
    attitudes and brainwashed mentalities about steroids."

    I am a 42 year old man with an incredible passion for bodybuilding and intelligent use of anabolic steroids. I also have a deep and lasting passion and friendship with my 43 year-old ex-wife. It appears after 6 years apart the it will always be that way.

    About a year ago, she called me and told me that she needed me to come over to talk to me about something important, which I did. She informed me that her physician could not get her weight above 89lbs after months of iron supplements, ensure, vitamin supplementation and the like.

    Right before she had called me they had told her that they were going to insert a feeding tube if things did not improve very soon.

    She was desperate for help and mortified at the thought of a feeding tube. Knowing that I was an AS user she asked me if there was anything that I could do without her becoming masculinized in the process.

    She is by nature a very lean and supple woman and very feminine. She had been a gymnast when she was younger. A digestion problem is what was hindering her weight gain and was also why they were so anxious to get weight on her.

    They wanted to do surgery, but her present weight would not support the stress of surgery and recovery.

    I wanted to help her and knew that I could if I did some research. I went to the Steroid Encyclopaedia website, where I joined as a member, as well as some other websites and came up with a very good feminine cycle which would meet her objective of solid gains.

    Her doctor wanted her to get to 105lbs. I asked her if she was willing to ask her physician for anavar . She said that she was not comfortable doing that and that he was already impatient with her and she felt him to be unapproachable in that way.

    With that answer, I gave her a 100mg shot of Norma Deca , and started her on 7.5mg of anavar/day. I also insisted that she begin training with me or else she would be shut off from the AS. She agreed and we began a MWF schedule of good solid total-body workouts.

    Due to the lengthy duration of her emaciated state, she had suffered from amenorrhea and had not menstruated for 7 months. She also said that she had no sex-drive and had vaginal dryness.

    This would of course be consistent with the low estrogen levels. About one week into the AS cycle, I gave her a blister pack of 50mg clomid and she started one/day. She was to do that for 15 days, but we must have hit it right because on day 10 her breasts became sore and two days later she began cramping.

    She also reported feeling good and not "cranky" anymore. The lack of estrogen was mimicking midlife "change" symptoms.

    This is now about 17 days into the cycle so I gave her a shot of Sten (one whole amp) to push things along.

    Well, let me tell you, nothing was or has been the same ever since that day. The Deca, anavar, Sten, and clomid began to work synergistically, and the Sten is so fast-acting.

    She loved the boost in energy, was beginning to gain weight, and now was starting to feel stronger in the gym and not dread the workouts. She also began to flirt with me a lot so I knew that the sex-drive was on it's way back too.

    She has always had nice quads and these were the first muscles to really take on a nice look. Then her shoulders and rhomboids. Soon, her whole body was responding and she was in total awe.

    So was I...I could not believe how sexy and tight this woman was becoming. I bought her a month of tanning and she began that. We live in a winter climate and that accelerated her recovery by fighting the seasonal affective disorder of winter blaws.

    This whole time I had her eating like a top-notch athlete. Very premium cuts of red meat, as well as lots of salmon, tuna, and chicken breast.

    We wanted permanent gains so we stayed away from the quick-gain foods and too much fat or starches. I did have her eating a lot of peanut butter though, as well as granola. She loves both and they are good non-saturated fat sources.

    Well, in only 8 weeks Lorrie had gained 16 pounds and weighed out at 105lbs. Her physician was elated and of course he thought that his protocol of ensure and vitamins was responsible.

    He told her that she would soon be strong enough for surgery. Knowing that she would probably lose some of the weight once off the cycle we kept at it, and her cycle was now the following:

    * 100mg Norma Deca/week
    * 10mg anavar/day
    * 50mg enathate/week
    * 150 grams protein/day
    * 20 grams glutamine/day

    She was feeling great and in her own words told me in the gym one day that she could not remember ever feeling so good.

    I could not help but feel a powerful sense of gratitude for what I was able to do for this woman. I also felt some anger at the medical society for being so anal about AS use and for not at least trying her on some anavar.

    After 15 weeks she weighed 112lbs. and looked unbelievable. She was so lean and cut in the rhoms, shoulders, and quads.
    We were now flirting with each other and needless to say....

    She went into surgery 18 weeks after starting the cycle and had been off of the steroids for 3 weeks.

    According to my advice, she told her surgeon what she had been on incase their were any contraindications with anesthesia, or anything else.

    The day of surgery she still weighed 109lbs and looked awesome. We had continued to workout and eat great.

    I would agree with the idea that practicing medicine without a license should be a crime, but I would have to say that the converse should be true as well, ie., not practicing medicine with a license should be a crime as well.

    Physicians need to come up off their anal-retentive attitudes and brainwashed mentalities about steroids.

    After all, the United States is a Minority when it comes to the amount of countries that ban the personal use of steroids.

    That alone should tell us all something. Most countries allow the personal use of Anabolics. If I am not mistaken, even England who mirrors the US in it's austerity, allows for small amounts of personal possession and usage.

    Since the surgery and her recovery, Lorrie still wishes to use anabolics on short cycles. Her latest one was an 8 week use of 25mg proviron /day, and that was all. She felt "great" on it, and certainly suffered no ill-effects as a result. We continue to train together one day/week and are leaving for Florida in 4 weeks to do a vacation at the beach with our little ones. She is enjoying life instead of laying in bed being tube fed.

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    Good post bro.

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    wow.. that is a great story

    did you guys ever get back together? or, just freinds?

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    great story bro. I wish you both the best.


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    thats very touching bro great story!the best to both of ya.

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