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    Cool what to stack with testoviron

    i am nearing the end of my first course of gear which was a 10 week course of deca and sus250.
    i wondered what you guys recommend for a second course i was thinking of testoviron but i dont know what to stack with it i dont want to take any tablets only injectables any ideas greatly appreciated.

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    Deca . I know you said you didn't want to do tablets, but honestly if you threw in some dball on a T/V Depot, Deca cycle you'd love the gains.
    I am of course assuming you looking at gaining mass. If your doing a cutting cycle there's lots of advice here on the board for you.
    Almost all my cycles have been T/V Depot 250, Deca and dball and have never been disappointed yet.


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    just try the same cycle again if you were happy with the last one. use slightly more mg amounts.

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    Use deca or EQ and add some D-bol for wks1-4 and you cant go wrong!!

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    EQ,and winniein thel last 5 on the same cycle its sick i love it the strength is up like crazy the pumps are to cry for aand from chest to wrist i look like a road map!

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