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    Exclamation Cycle

    How does this sound fellas,
    Hoping to order in the following weeks.

    Fina 70 eod wks. 1-4
    equipose 250 mg. wk 1- 8
    sust 400 mg wk. 1-8
    clomid - post

    looking to get a great increase in strength, and some solid quality muscle mass.
    any advice appreciated.

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    this will give you better gains:

    tren (fina): 50mg/day 3-10
    t200: 400mg/wk 1-8
    winny: 25mg-50mg/day 3-10
    clomid 100-50-50 11-13

    you don't need eq at the same time as tren. winny is a much better stack with either tren or eq. if you choose to run eq instead of tren then do it alongside the t200. sust is too expensive, just use the single ester t200.

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