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    Talking Cutting 911

    I am planning on running eq @ 500mg for 10weeks along with test @ 400mg for 10m weeks cycling clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. I want to gaing 5-10lbs muscle and lose like 10-15 lbs BF is that possible? and WHEN SHOULD I TAKE THE CLEN WHAT TIME OF DAY???????????

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    Re: Cutting 911

    Originally posted by FlexSurf
    I want to lose like 10-15 lbs BF is that possible?
    that's a lot of bf to lose. i would suggest going all out on cardio and diet to lose that bf, then take some steroids afterwards.

    take clen in the morning, otherwise it's hard as hell to sleep unless you have some ketotifen with that stack, which would help with clen's effectiveness too.

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    do not spread the dose over the day.this eliminates the thermatogenic effect,you want your temperature up all day the morning dose will keep it elevated for a good 12 hours.

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