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Thread: i feel flames

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    i feel flames

    im done w/ my 1st cycle and start clomid in 4 days. heres my Q. im very scared of losing my strength so i started taking stenox (halo) at a low dose (15mg)the day of my last shot i take 7.5 on days i dont work out. wil this really mess up my recovery on nat. test i know it probably will or is but im just real scared of losing my strength. i will stop using if it will counter act the clomid and proviron . thanks

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    Hey we all loose a bit of strenght after completing a cycle. IMO I think that you should cut the halo out-It is my belief that it will effect your recovery of your natural test. Use clomid therapy train smart and diet right, your not going lose too much. good luck and dont freak out

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    ^ I agree with the good doctor. Just take a step back and try not to get caught up in the emotional roller coaster that cycling can do to ya.

    Yes you will lose some strength Post-cycle' Try to train with the peace of mind knowing that there will always be the opportunity to do another cycle.

    Stick with your Clomid and anti-e if necessary and let your body adjust. You can run into long term trouble if you dont give your body a rest.

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    tx_iron, I'd drop the Halo, and just like everyone else said just eat right and train right (Just try training with less intenisty as U did with the juice... ie allow for more recovery time) this should at least maximize the amount of gains retained. Who cares if U can't lift as much off the Juice.... + U strength won't drop that dramitcally.

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    Bro dont worry about the strength. If you do the clomid and training, diet etc... you shouldnt loose much. I have gotten off cycles and kept all my strength before. You just have to keep with a positive attitude. Remember that the sauce isnt everything, You are where you got cause you worked hard training and eating also. So keep up with the training and eating and you wont loose much.

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    dont' be addicted to roids bro.. get off that halo..


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    it will really hurt your recovery. get it out of there and make better gains again next cycle.

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