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    Eight Week Cycle

    1st cycle. I don't want weight gain to be too obvious ....

    Week 1 - 10:

    Deca 400 mg / week

    Week 1 - 4:

    Dbol @ 25 mg / day

    Week 1 - 4:

    Clomid 50 mg / day

    Week 1 - 4

    ALA 200 mg / day

    Clomid therapy --- 3 weeks after

    Main concern here is PRICE. I don't want to run sustanon the entire time or T because of sides, and I don't want to pay for liquidex if I don't use it.


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    Weeks 1-4: DBol 30mg ED
    Weeks 1-8: Deca 400mg a week
    Weeks 1-8: Sust 500mg a week

    Start clomid 3 weeks after last shot.
    Nolva on hand for gyno

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    bro, you can never go wrong with a deca /dbol cycle as your first one. i think about 80% of the board would consider this prolly the best beginners cycle. you will get good gains out of this. adding test or sust will give you more strength, but you will add water weight too. don't know if that bothers you or not. but it looks good.

    Big J

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    just make sure that the clomid is AFTER your cycle and not during... like you have it posted now.


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    If you are doing deca /test/dbol cycle, the gains will be more than obvious. First cycle on these roids will get you good 30lbs. If you want least obvious cycle, look into test/eq/anavar with some anti-es to keep the water retention down.

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    here's a not so obvious gain cycle:

    test 400mg/wk 10 wks
    eq 300mg/wk 10 wks
    winny 25mg/day wks 4-12

    you'll make nice noticeable gains, but won't look like an obvious juicer. you'll get some good strength from this too. lastly, it's a very cheap cycle cuz eq is much cheaper than deca and is better IMO. t200 is also very cheap.

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