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    Should i use a fat burner during my cycle?

    I am on my first cycle week 3 of depo test 500mg/w, and am gettin the gut back again that it took me sooo long to loose. iam 23 190lbs..... use to be 255 of pure fat, and am scared iam going to get it all back after loosing it. I lost it the first time with the help of hydroxycut and was amazed at how the fat just fell off. Would there be any problems with me using it again during my cycle just to get rid of the belly iam getting back.

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    If you bulking Hell no. It will hinder your gains. It cut my appetite down too. Just cut the fat down post cycle Keep your meals as clean as possible during and that will help a lot. Also do you do cardio while your on. It helps big time.

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    ... What about an ECA stack? Wouldn't using a thermogenic increase protien metabolism = better muscle growth.

    I would agree with U Ron that Hydroxycut may decrease your appetite, but an ECA stack shouldn't really do that...

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    clean up your diet .with test @500mg youll put on a little extra fat and water . take your anti E's like the bros always advise while on test,and save the fatburners for post cycle when youll need the extra energy.oh yeah not trying to sound like an ass but last time i checked hydroxycuts was an eca

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    I wouldnt do it, I'd only add an ECA stack if you have an extremely slow metabolism and want to minimize fat gains

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    Depo test cypionate is not the best choice if you "intuitively feel" soft and large initially as you describe yourself. Lifting experience? in years? How many weeks is this coarse scheduled for? Do not exceed 8, IMO.

    Furthermore, Cypio alone as 1st time cycle? I would continue your disciplined regimen that gave you the great weight loss results you experienced. Great job and success, bro.

    Not a discouragement bro. This cycle will not hurt you, but cardio and diet is the answer, IMO. Continue the coarse you have embarked on until finished at this point, OK? Do you have 30- 50mg Clomid tabs in your inventory ready to go 18-21 days after last cypio "jab". This will prevent crash as endogenous testo production will be a shut faucet in reality. Clomid is REQUIRED, not an option here.

    Weight gain will be inevitable into weeks 4-8 due to estrogen and water retention and muscle retaining fluids. Your muscles may be weak after the large weight loss you experienced and will benefit by the androgenic component. That is a plus!!

    IMO, cypio ester may not even be fully maximed until day 17-19 or so. Sounds as if you are on day 15. The kick is soon to come.

    And finally, E/C/A and clen 2 on 2 off shall prove prudent for you. I assume you lost all the weight w/o clen and E/C/A. This will stimulate further fat loss as temp will increase. The more you lose, the more challenging to lose more.

    IMO, mass is not your goal here. But again just my observation of your current status, and your comments. Thus, not increasing your calories shall be prudent. I am NOT saying calorie restricted but more like caloric maintenance at this point.

    It's only number one, the best is yet to come. Enjoy.

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