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    AS and Sports Injuries

    im sure that many of you have played, or do participate in sports of some sort. my main concern is football... my buddy broke his arm real bad last season while on a cycle of dbol /deca , wrestling with another friend. im sure that the AS had to do with it, because i have read that they can take some of the calcium from your bones. my question is if it would be a bad idea to be cycling throughout the season on a this cycle:

    FINA - 100/eod
    Nandrolona 300/wk
    Test.Enanth - 200/wk

    the things im not sure of are if staying strong and keeping size is going to be a bitch with cardio like days (triple sessions in the sun). i also do a lot of sprint training and i feel like deca helps with my speed, not endurance though. i dont know if the fina/test would negatively or positvely effect me with my sports though. any athletic/AS connected information would be appreciated... as will information from people that have taken joint support suppliments for horses, haha. not even joking, i have taken a protein/dextrose based horse supp called fat cat, and i put on about 10 pounds... horse suppliments can be cheaper, have higher dosages of msm, chond., and glucosamine, so it seems to make some sense to atleast try, help me out, thanks. and p.s. to anyone that is goign to recommend creatine... i have used ever kind there is and besides the fact that it has given me the shits, and can make my kidneys feel like they got kicked, i hate the fact that you pretty much have to cycle the stuff too, and it gets expensive. but if anyone happens to like creatine, it can work, and has worked well for me a few times (Met-Rx CreatineAC is the best)(kinda like cell-tech, with more alphaLA and more glutamine)

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    high school football, college,semi pro? makes a difference. drug tests? deca is good can go up on mgs,test is good should go up on mgs ,fina is good only 4 to 6 weeks no more. lots of protein for tissue repair

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    there is actual research on this subject, a german doctor kreamer or something did research on hgh and treatment of sports injuries

    hes quite controversial (doping and all...) but it seems to work very well, Ill see if I can dig up one of his articles


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