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    dnp diary and questions

    Hi bros

    As I told u I began my first dnp cycle 4 days ago.
    The day 1 with 200mg at 8am...I began to feel hot at about 5pm but nothing the night I sweated a little
    The second day I took another cap (200mg) at 8am...I had to walk a lot so I sweated a little more than usual, I felt a little tired in the evening and in the night I sweated a lot more than the night before...
    The third day...NOTHING!!! I didn't feel anything at all...Ididn't understand I decided to increase the dosage to 400mg on monday
    The day 4:I took 200mg at 8am,I felt good all day long and and I took another 200mg at at 12pm I began to sweat and to feel hotter...the night was very very hotter than the other!!!
    But the problem is I don't feel tired,and now I feel just a little hot but nothing terrible...why??? I don't say that I want to feel like a poor shit but but I'm afraid the dnp won't walk on me!!so? did it arrive to somebody?? plase help me!
    Oh I forgot!! my piss was looking very yellower in the morning ,so?

    "WHO'S NEXT?"
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    don't worry you're doing fine. you don't need to feel like ass for dnp to work. keep at it for a while.

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