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    Unhappy Friends that need help

    Hi guys. i have a friend (my workout partner). he's 5'10" 160 lbs and 19 1/4 years old. he is one of those kids who doesn't care how old they are, who doesn't care what's going to happen to them. NO MATTER WHAT I TELL HIM, NOTHING CAN CHANGE HIM..NOTHING!
    so anyway, it's his first cycle ever, he has never taken anything before except like creatine, glutamine, and protein and i think maybe some Andro. He said he did do a little research, and he wants to do,
    Deca 200mg/wk1-10
    Test enh 250mg/wk1-10
    d-bol 25mg/ed wk1-4
    running chryselin?? instead of nolvadex , because he found out it works just as good but available at GNC?? (i laughed when he said that and dont worry, i am going to make him get nolv)
    and lots of clomid for post cycle.
    What do you bros think?? Is the dosage high enough for a first time user? or is it too high? IMO, dosage seems just right for him because he's a little guy like me and i think he'll gain a good amount from this. what do you bros think?

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    i have a similar friend just like yours. HAHA i guess everyones got one of those friends. I think for a beginner cycle this should be enough at his weight eh?
    D-bol 30mg/ed k1-4
    sus250 500mg/wk1-10
    nolv running through cycle
    and clomid 3 weeks after your last shot like this...
    300mgfirst day, than 100mgwk1, 50mgwk2 and 3.
    this is JMO, you should ask the big guys here to help you out

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    Steroids are bad ummkay?
    you think he should run the nolva regardless of not having water ret. or gyno? I'e read some places to do it like this and I've also read that it hinders ains so dont use it till you need it.

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    Bro, tell him to stick with what he has. He's young and those low dosages will make him grow. No need for him to start hitting his receptors hard yet.

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    At 19 and after 1 shot of sus, he may think twice about AS.

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