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Thread: strength gains?

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    Smile strength gains?

    i'm one week into my first cycle of 400mg. a week decca and 50 mg of dbol . 1/4 morning and 1/4 evenings. haven't noticed any strength increases yet when will it kick in the dbol i'm doing for 1st 30 da. 2nd shot of decca on saturday..any help appreciated.

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    the dbol will kick in about 2 wks and the deca will start about 2 wks after patient bro

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    I noticed the d-bol pretty quickly, end of week 1. Put 100lbs. on my squat in 7weeks on 30mg d-bol, 400mg test enan., as well as 80+lbs. on deads, 65+lbs. on dips, etc. Good stuff when it isn't making you feel tired. They key to that is lots of supps for the liver.

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    ya, take milk thistle and drink cranberry juice. D-bol kicks in pretty quick

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