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    ok, rethink, the sus 250 stacked with??

    Ok, I get 20 amps of sus 250... How much clomid? ..Also, I want to stack it with the best.. Will be my 2nd cycle, dont got alot of money after 20 sus amps.. Would like to keep as much as I can of my gains... Thinking of deca (10hits) and some winstrol liquid to cut up in later weeks and to solid up my new gains so they will be harder than ever.. Bigger, stronger and solid, will be my goals AFTER the cycle..3 months after.. Need a great stack..I dont want to loose much gains after a few months after my stack.. ALso lowest side effects possable, with greatest gains...thanks

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    deca is greatly stacked with sust, but 20 hits is more appropriate if its 200mgs/ml.

    you need about 30 tabs of clomid i think in total (30x50mg)

    you could also stack that with dbol

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    next time consolidate threads to save board space because its the same question. Honestly I say wait a while and do some serious research.


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    better idea:

    t200 (much cheaper than sust) 400mg/wk
    eq (cheaper than deca ) 300mg/wk
    dbol 25mg/day

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