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    FINA kit help (please read)

    Which kit should I use????and if you say the f-kit then what one the 2gf, or the 4gf,or 8gf

    The 'F' kits

    Famous, First, Fastest, Finest, Fina kits in 75mg/ml that everyone loves is used to separate fillers and glues from your final sterile solution. (These are the kits which can be used with pellets where it's legal)
    '2gF' kits produce 23-25ml from 2000mg for $25.
    '4gF' kits produce 50-53ml from 4000mg for $35.
    '8gF' kits produce 100-105 ml from 8000mg for $60.
    '10gF' kits produce 120-125ml for $75.

    Note: By lowering the amount of oil you put into the final product you
    can make the end solution 150mg\ml up to and including 200mg\ml.
    Directions for all kits including varying mg\ml amounts are found on this site, but if you want printed directions add $5. You get 5 pages with delivery of your kit.

    Not necessary, but here are two items which may make processing the F kits easier.

    Funnel (fun)
    $1.00 each. 4oz funnel fits into the neck of vials.

    Glass rods (rod)
    7mm diameter, solid, 6-8 inch, glass rods which are perfect for putting into vials to break up pellets. 3 each. Ends are custom torched and tapered for getting into the edges of vials.


    Universal formula (U100) creates sterile 100mg/ml for just about any powder! These are painless shots when compared to commercial Testosterone propionate and Testosterone no ester (suspension) solutions because my formula doesn't permit crystallization in the depot. Where it's legal this kit could be used for Dbol , Androstenedione, Testosterone propionate , Testosterone no ester, Nandrolone , Masteron (DHT, stanolone), Dromostanolone, Anavar , Anadrol , Nordione, etc.
    '3gU100' kits - sterile 18-19ml @ 100mg/ml from 3000mg for $30.
    '4gU100' kits - sterile 37-38ml @ 100mg/ml from 4000mg for $35.
    '5gU100' kits - sterile 47-49ml @ 100mg/ml from 5000mg for $40.

    If you want 200mg/ml and your hormone has an ester, the U200 kits will produce a painless product that even the pharmaceutical industry can't duplicate! Works for: Testosterone propionate (Tp), Durabolin (Npp), Deca (Nu), Norandrostenedione, Testosterone undecanoate (Tu), Testosterone enanthate (Te), etc. Add powder to bottle, heat til dissolved, filter into sterile vial and you are done! Should take less than 15min! (If your powder is less than pure and doesn't work in this kit, we can easily turn it into a U100 kit!)
    '3gU200' produce sterile 15ml @ 200mg/ml from 3000mg for $25.
    '4gU200' produce sterile 20ml @ 200mg/ml from 4000mg for $35.
    '5gU200' produce sterile 25ml @ 200mg/ml from 5000mg for $40.

    SUS kits

    New! Oil Suspension kits (Susoil) for 1AD, 4AD, and Nordiol for use with those difficult to get into oil molecules are finally here. You only sterile filter 5-10ml for 5g and it takes 1 minute with a 0.45! The final product can then be heat sterilized at 250F which is not an option with the water Sus kits! You can use Testosterone no ester, 4-androstenediol (4AD), 100mg Nordiol with 100mg Nordione per ml and Winstrol and D-bol to name a few. (It may be easier to just use take if oral if you are looking to use W powder)

    '5gSusoil' kits - sterile 47-49ml @ 100mg/ml from 5000mg for $40.

    '3gSusoil' kits - sterile 18-19ml @ 100mg/ml from 3000mg for $30.

    '4gSusoil' kits - sterile 37-38ml @ 100mg/ml from 4000mg for $35.

    If the final product causes more discomfort than you prefer, you can then dilute to 50mg/ml which will be pain free using sterile oil or any oil solution you have around. If you think that may be a possibility, you should order 50ml of sterile oil for $7. Mix 1ml of the Susoil solution and 1ml of the sterile oil in the syringe or get a 100ml sterile vial for $2.

    EZ kits

    The EZ kits (Ez) are the same formulas as the kits above, but you don't get the sterile syringe filter or the sterile empty vial, but you do get a sterile bottle full of sterile oil or water and the magic solution. The EZ kits can be further sterilized using your oven if you are worried and that information is on the directions page. Take any of the kits above and subtract $5 from the price and add EZ, so if you want an original kit to do 4g your order would look as such: 4gFEZ $30.

    Separation kits

    Experimentally separate testosterone from estradiol using their unique chemical properties. Not only do patents say it can't be done, but they also say it can't be gotten into solution of 100mg/ml in oil, however, the procedure has been looked at by more than a few professors who agree the procedure is sound. Separation kits (Sep) are $75 to do 10 carts or $50 to do 5. If you want the sterile addition which gives 100mg/ml, then add $15 to either kit. Yld is about 80%. Try and see if you are smarter than published scientists!
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    The 'F' kit is what you want.

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    F kit or the fold kit

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