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    just got back from Mexico.....

    Hey everyone, I just got back from my 4 night, 5 day Cruise to the Florida Keys and Cozumel Mexico. I made a stop in a few pharmacies in Mexico, and was able to bring back lots of CLEN !

    That was my main goal, and I got it back on the boat with NO problems at all, and off the boat, back home!!!!!

    Was much easier than expected, walked in the pharmacies, asked for Clen, and they got it out, and sold it right over the counter. I picked up Spiropent and Novegam clen tabs...

    Over 500 tabs!!!!!! It was awesome, couldn't get ahold of any Oxandralone ( Anavar ), but I tried.....Planning on making another trip next month or so...but got tons of clen for now...I'll pose some pics of CLEN tomorrow.........

    Now I gotta plan the cycle...Any suggestions????? What needs to be taken with it to prevent headaches/cramping????

    It was my first trip to Mexico, so it was kinda amazing to see everything...Deca , Sten, EQ, Clen, Winny, everything just sitting there....selling it like bottles of water over the counter...LOL....

    Just wanted to let everyone know of my success...if your going on a cruise....STACK UP!!!!!!!!!!

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    The headaches come after Clen because your body goes through withdrawal. Simple caffeine consumption will take care of that. And drink plenty of water to stop cramps.

    P.S Pick me up some Winny when your there

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    Dr. Evil recommended a salt alternative. Its Potassium Chloride. It can be found in your local supermarket. Got rid of all my bad cramps and was easier than eating 100 bananas a day. Its like 500-700mg a teaspoon or tablespoon. Tastes like ass but oh soo worth it. Thanx Dr. Evil as for a stack go for a clen /eca. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. This is what I used with good results.

    Weeks 1-2: Clen

    Weeks 3-4: Xenadrine

    Repeat till you get desired effect.


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    hey like ripped said put me down for two!

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