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    Question Anatest

    I just received a 10ml bottle of anatest (testosterone propionate ) and it has a tiny impurity in it. Basically it looks like a small piece of dust. Should this have any effect on the product?
    I have also received some 50mg winnie tabs, their small and blue, has anyone used them befor?

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    the blue winny are good, but i don't know if your source is legit or not, so i can't tell you how your blue winnys are.

    i don't know what to tell you about the anatest impurity though.

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    Anatest is canadian vet gear, I have seen tons of it, all from vet, and none has ever had anything in it. It could be a few crystals or something but doughtful. Warm it up under tab or in oven @ 250F for few min. and see if it goes away.

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    does it look anything like this...if are good to go...nothing wrong with them at all

    by the way..they came with a red cap
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