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Thread: 4th + 5th cycle

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    Question 4th + 5th cycle

    I'm currently 24 years old, 6 foot 1 inches tall @ 225 pounds with a 14% bf. Over the last two years I have done three cycles of roids, each time increasing the amount of test intake. It has been almost 6 monthes since my last cycle (1cc deca every four days & eod shot of winnie v followed by clomid + clen ) and I feel I'm ready to go on again. Over the last little while I have aquired
    11 amps sust 250
    10 amps deca
    300 d-bol
    30ml anatest
    60 50mg winnie tabs
    15 primo
    45 clomid
    60 nolvadex
    355ml clen
    I thought about breaking this into 2 cycles. The first would be the sust, deca and d-bol folled by some clomid + clen. Then a month later I would use the anatest, winnie tabs and primo again followed with clomid and clen. The nolvadex is just for emergencies. Any one have any sugestions, I always like to here others imput.

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    if you going to run a sus/deca cycle bro you going to need at least 5 more amps of sus,and depending on the decas mg/ml your going to need some more of those have enough clomid for the end of cycle #1(36 tabs)but you going to need more for the second cycle which you shouldnt run for another 2 months after the first one.

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