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Thread: need deca help

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    need deca help

    how does Norma's deca compare to other makers? is it good? does it usally contain the proper amount of the active drug? are there a lot of fakes out there to be cautious of?

    thanks for your help

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    Norma Hellas nandrolone is the bomb. There are some fakes so be careful.

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    There are more Organon deca fakes out there..And I haven't come across any Norma fakes yet...aand the dosing is training partner just finished using the norma's with great should be OK!

    If you need a pic to compare too..I have one in the steroid pic forum of the norma's...if you can't find it i'll post you another!

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    i think everything is faked at least a little these days. but norma deca , given that its legit, is great stuff.

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    i have a bunch of normas sitting on my shelf calling my name! but im going to have to wait another 4 weeks before i get to use them!

    take a look on the Steroid Pictures forum and you should find loads of pics of deca (normas included)

    like BK said, when its real its great stuff!

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