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    My Recommendation

    I see alot of threads with regards to losing fat but at the same time gain 10-15lbs of lean muscle. Those are two seperate goals. To save you some stress pick one first. If you want to lose weight (body fat) make that your first goal. After you have accomplished that (diet and training) and reached an ideal body weight then go on to the "bulking" (meaning gaining more muscle). Make these goals realistic (and they are both attainable naturally) to prevent an emotional and physical let down.

    The 10-15lbs of muscle is a difficult process. Natuarlly the body may put on 1-2lbs of actual muscle in a month. Ask the bodybuilders (BigKev) how difficult it is. It may take some competitors a whole year to put an inch on their bi's (and other muscle groups).

    Getting that physique that you want is there if you want it, you just have to know how to get it. Use the periodization theory of training to use. Divide the year up into fourths and take it from there. Give yourself time and realistic goals. It is a day to day process.

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    tru mr. fina people just cant juice to get the perfect body it takes hard core training diet(big part) and rest(lots of it) i was at 220 for over a year dropped to 3 days a week training im at 240 now. lean out then cycle a couple or few times if you want before cutting again got to have steak before you can cut

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    AHHHH!...Well said MrFina!...bulking and cutting are two entirely different things....pick one...AAS are not miracle medicine...they only work if you plan smart, they are the leats part of any cycle...first comes knowledge and research,then comes training and diet,then selecting the right cycle to suit your needs and which AS work best together.

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    Good post. I think summer time is so near that naive kids just come out of the woodwork wanting a magic pill to make them lean and big all at once. This post should be gospel.

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