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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    I've got a question for my next cycle, anyone please feel free to respond.
    I got up to 235lbs during football, but I blew out my knee, and dislocated my shoulder, which led to a bad crash and loss of about 40lbs. I'm all healthy now, and want to get on again. I want to gain some weight, but mostly jack up my strenght as much as possible. I've heard a stenox and d-bol cycle would be fine and maybe something with oxandrolone. The only thing is that I will get tested in sept.
    My last cycle was 15 redijects of sust., and a 50 ml of EQ. Let me know what you guys think.


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    orals like halo and winny will be out of your system before sept....
    if testing is problem search for detectibility before making a cycle...

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    halo/dbol /var cycle will be hell on your liver.

    right now you don't need steroids because you're just coming back from a long layoff. your muscles will grow very fast naturally for a while. wait until you hit a wall to start a cycle.

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    test prop and winny will be fine for testing purposes.

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