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    Energy booster/anti-oxidant help

    Hi Bros

    As I am off cycle at present looking at some addatives to help with the training.Therefore anyone had any results with the following and can you get them at your local GNC.....More importantly are they a bag of shit and I am wasting my money

    ACETYL-L-CARNITINE - energy booster
    ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID - Anti-oxidant

    Thanks in advance


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    the ala is a good supp, but the carnitine is crap. your body makes so much of this stuff naturally. many studies have shown carnitine supplements to have 0 effect on increasing fatty acid metabolism.

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    Dump the l-carnitine. All you are paying for is the expensive price it costs to manufacture it.

    Spend your money on food, that is the best supplement.

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