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no charges at all bro, first time ive ever been nailed for anything, they were gonna throw me in jail and charge me with traficcing and a bunch of other BS, i just kept telling them it was personel, your allowd to have steroids in your house, just can't get caught selling them, thats what the cops told me anyways, they still havent bothered me or came to my house looking for juice, no charges or nothing, swear to god, i see the same cops who nailed me all the time in the gym, or when im out cruising with my bro's and they never bother me, most of the time i had **** on me. guess i just got lucky.
good deal. i didnt notice you were from canada before. you guys have that goofy law that says you can have steroids but can't buy or sell them. we can't even possess them here in the states so thats why i was curious about your case. thanks for clearing that up. take care bro