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    Wink seeking cycle advice

    Just kidding.... thought that might be a good ice breaker to meet y'all. "A good sense of humor is funny". First off i would like to thank y'all for this board and the advice in all the postings. I have learn more here than anyhwhere. I'll TRY not to ask any stupid question, but if it happens just slap me couple I'll learn. A little background: i have done two cycles, first was test susp (what major pain in the dbol about 8 months later. never used an anit-estrogen and didnt cycle down (didnt have the info at the time). this was about four years ago. saw great gains with both but lost majority of my gains shortly afterwards....discouraged i stopped lifting all together. started back in the gym about 2 weeks ago and planning on doing a cycle (a little smart now) in about 6-8 weeks. this is the cylce i thinking about...what do y'all think:

    dbol....weeks 1-6......15-20mg/d
    deca *........weeks 1-13.....200-350mg/w
    test**.......weeks 7-12
    hcg ....weeks 6-7and 14-16.....5000 iu/w (not sure if i need this or not)
    clomid....weeks 17-18.....50-100mg/d
    nolvadex or arimidex as needed

    *or another nandrolone ....dbol/deca seems to be the most used but maybe a different nandrolone stacks better with testosterone
    **not sure what test to use...only used suspension and the s#@t

    im 28yrs old.....5'11''....142lbs....>8%bf maybe >5% (just a guess)
    goal: gain 30 to 40lbs of lbm and keep at least 80% of my growth and strength before next cycle (most likely 3-4 months after this cycle). thanks for all your help.
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    Man I knew you were from Texas before I looked over to the left. Welcome to the board. This is a good mass cycle for ya.

    testosterone enanthate 500mg week 1-10
    deca or eq 400mg week 1-10
    dbol 25-30mg ed week 1-4 or 5-10
    nolvadex or arimidex as needed
    clomid 3 weeks after last shot of deca or eq, 300mg the first day, 100mg the next ten days, and 50mg the next ten days.

    I highly recomend doing alot of more research before you start. The search button is your friend. Don't be scared to use it.

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    if you just started lifting again you should not juice at all. right now is your best opportunity to grow naturally. you will grow extrememly quickly because of the long layoff. steroids should be saved for when you're hitting a natural plateau. also, when your muscles are smaller, you have less androgen receptors and satellite cells for the steroids to work off of. the cycle will be a lot more effective when you're bigger.

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