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    Do Not Ask Questions Till U Have Read The Educational Forum!!!!!

    Its that little section above the steroid forum - go ahead, read in there - your questions will be much better and you will get much more usefull answers. Even the mods/vets read it, as I am learning something new in there every day. Now get to reading!!!!

    PS: PLEASE don't sit there and ask monitors/vets to answer your questions by PM/post whatever if you wont bother to read a little yourself first. No more, "can you design a cycle for me?" PMs please - read up a little, see some of the samples, design one or two - and I'd be happy to help you make sure that its ok.

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    I gotta add this:

    I read the Educational forum when I first started and then I ignored it. I accidentally clicked on it last week and I was surprised how much good information there was in there that was way over my head the first time I looked there.

    I think everybody would do well to take a peek in there every couple 'o weeks and see what catches theie eyes!

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    its much easier on the mods and us vets if you read first........and then ask questions. also another great idea by cycleon, design your cycle and then let us critique and fine tune if necessary.

    btw- i get much use out of the educational forum, and im sure the newer bros will too...

    peace bb79

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    it really is full of great info bro's. i will help anyone here who is willing to help themselves. no question is a bad question as long as it needs to be asked. we are all hear to learn and the more everyone gets from this site the easier it is to answer every question asked, because we have more educated people on hand to reply. this board belongs to all of us, we all need to have a hand in making it a better and better place to hang out and learn.

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