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Thread: Next cycle ????

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    Next cycle ????

    I'm about to end a 10 week Test E only at 750 mgs per week. I tried to get by with just having Nolva "on hand" as I'm not prone to gyno but the water retention was extreme, so I started 20mg ed Nolva, which helped considerably.

    My question is, what to stack with test next time (April - June) that will not exacerbate the water retention. I'm thinking Var, although I'd prefer to stay away from orals, if possible.

    Also, is it cool to take a diuretic (maybe a couple time a week) for the length of a cycle or will that screw up your electrolytes(sp?), etc.

    BTW, Deca is not an option as I will be on Finasteride.

    Thanks bro's.

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    add some femara and it will cut the bloat out. get it at ar-r . but a good cycle with little to no water would b prop,var,eq and/or fina.

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