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    fina prep w/out kit?

    from "Me Broach" old thread:

    My question is, has anyone else done this and have any problems? This is the method I was going to try?


    Finaplix -H Preperation without the kit (Post #1)

    Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only. I take no responsiblity for any adverse effects.

    Two cycles ago, I was recommended a method to prep the Fina tablets for injection without the kits since I was too impatient to wait for it (If I remembered who he was, I'd give him credit). I found it to be flawed but I perfected it on my own and I have come to firmly believe that the kit is bullshit and my method is both more convenient, easier to get an accurate dosage, and just plain more fun! I've never had a problem with clogging, infection, or anything else that may be associated with glues, dyes and such.

    For my method you will need the following items:

    -Everclear alcohol (found at any liquor store)
    -Sesame Seed oil (found at some gnc's, supermarkets, health food stores, or chinese restaurants)
    -One toothpick
    -One Straw
    -Some adhesive tape
    -A spoon
    -A cart of Fina
    -Access to an oven and microwave
    -Two shotglasses
    -A box of 22-23g syringes and needles (I recommend buying syringes and needles seperately as you will soon see)
    -A medium sized pot

    Step 1 - Begin by using the toothpick to poke the Fina tabs from the top out the bottom. Since they are equal to 20mg per tablet, you can prepare one shot with as much fina in it as you wish. For the sake of this thread, I will use 80mg (4 fina tabs).

    Step 2 - Take your straw and seal off one end by folding it and taping it closed. Seal it well so you it won't allow fina to get stuck in the creavices. Throw the tabs in the open end of the straw and fold over the other end leaving about 2.5 inches to crush the pellets between each end. Make a nice powder. The more it's crushed, the easier Step 4 will be.

    Step 3 - Open up a new syringe and pull out the plunger. Pour the crushed fina pellets into the syringe from the straw and place the plunger back on. Place a needle (if it isn't already on) on the syringe and pull enough Everclear alcohol to cover the powder and no more. Don't worry--If you put too much, it will hurt when you inject but it won't ruin the shot at all. If you are using 80mg, the alcohol should come up to the first line on the syringe.

    Step 4 - Put the pot filled with water on the stove and heat till it's hot but not boiling. When the water is ready, hold the syringe with the fina/everclear solution by the capped needle and stir the entire syringe in the water so it will heat up and dissolve. The mix should turn from cloudy yellow to cloudy brown.

    Step 5 - put some sesame seed oil in the shotglass and microwave it for about a minute till it's very hot, to disinfect. Uncap your syringe with fina/everclear and pull 1 cc of sesame seed oil.

    Step 6 - Pull another half cc or so of air just to leave space between the top and the fina. Take off the needle and place the syringe, plunger down, in the clean shotglass so it won't fall over. Put this in the microwave and nuke for about 30-60 seconds till it bubbles.

    Step 7 - Now you have two choices. You can either wait for it too cool off before using a new needle and injecting or storing it and making more so you have them ready to use when it's time to inject. If you store them away, store them with a capped needle in a dark place and get rid of that extra space in the needle. When it's time to inject after storage, start from step 6 and right before you inject, flick the syringe a few times to disperse the fina around. This will make sure you inject it all and none is left in the needle or stuck to the rubber stopper on the plunger.

    This is my 2nd cycle (12 weeks total EOD) using this method and I'm quite happy with how it works. Plus it makes me feel like Julia Childs! I know there will be flames but I really think the kit is overkill and people are just paranoid. Glues and dies are not to be worried over. Thank you. Comments and questions are welcome!


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    UMMM... what made you do that? did you just think it up one day? well keep it safe

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    That was an old thread from Mebroach!!!!!

    My question is, has anyone ever tried this way? It sounds more precise than the kits, plus you know exactly what you are putting in your body. I don't like the idea of the "magic solution"

    thanks for the replies...

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    magic solution is just benzyl alcohol...if you don't trust it....use everclear or buy your own BA...they sell it on the net....

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