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    anavar (oxandrolone)

    does anavar have any side effects? how can i keep the gains i get from deca after a cycle? are anavar and oxandrolone any different? which is better? are their any counterfeits of anavar?

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    I have never used either, but I can tell you what you will find if you were to research this further (which I also strongly suggest you do... read the profiles at for instance ).

    1> anavar is supposedly one of the safest drugs out there, at low doses it has very little affect on your natural testosterone levels , it will not aromatize (convert to estrogen) and is also supposedly pretty safe for ppl with high blood pressure. As with everything keep it in moderation.

    2> Deca is a totally different story, listen to the other replies which im sure will soon follow mine about deca and post cycle (clomid, etc...)

    3> anavar is oxandrolone, they are the same thing

    4> I have no idea if there are fakes

    hope this helps also anavar is great with creatine for good strength gains

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    If you keep your diet and training to a science, you'll keep most of your gains. However you'll soon notice how deca really made your joints feel good and now its gone. Sad sad day.

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    anavar is not to be used after a deca cycle to keep gains. when you come off a cycle, don't use anything and give your body time to recover.

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