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Thread: next cycle

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    next cycle

    aight gonna be starting my 4th cycle soon...and wanted to get ur opinions. so here it is...

    wks. 1-5 [email protected] 75mg/eod
    wks. 5-10 [email protected] 400mg/wk
    wks. 1-10 [email protected] 250mg/wk
    wks. 11-13 clomid

    do u think this is a good cycle? i also have nolvadex on hand incase of gyno...but usually dont have a problem with that. also..i know it is a low dosage of sus...but jus using it for a little extra kick and also to help fend off the dredded fina dick. right now im around 205 lbs. and prob round 6% bf. how much do u think i can expect to gain from this cycle. thanx for ur replies

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    sk* is right, run the EQ longer, and the clomid, you gotta do 3 weeks after your last sus injection like sk* said, the sus stays in your system for a while

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    if you want, you could run dbol in from weeks 1-4 at about 25-30mgs a day just for a little kickstart until the sust starts working

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    I personally like ending s cycle with fina. I also think you should boost your test to 500mg instead of 250mg because you are running the eq at 400mg. Run the eq from get go as others suggested. Start clomid at week 13.

    Fina goes great with prop. Both can be injected in same pin eod.
    Just a thought. Good luck bro.

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    take out the eq completely and use winny instead.

    if you're going to use ~250mg/wk of tren then do 40mg/day instead of injecting 75mg eod.

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