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    this is probably a dumb question but...

    Okay guys, this may be a stupid question, but here I go anyway: Are some oilbased steroids "thicker than others"? Do some oil based roids take longer to inject than others?

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    Sure......basically, the longer the "chain", the thicker the mix. Prop and tren are thin, then cyp, enan., and sustanon are progressively thicker. Some vet gear is thinner than it should be due to excess benz. alcohol content.
    Oil based steroids form oil depots in the muscle tissue that release the steroid molecule into the system at a given rate. Water based gear forms a crystal depot and is assimilated quicker. Crystal depots can be briefly painful.....suspension, for example..... kind of like broken glass in your ass.

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    thats one of the reasons i always like to warm my oils in warm water before i try to draw or inject them

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    also, the more concentrated the gear is the thicker it is. eg, 400mg/ml will be thicker than 50mg/ml of the same test.

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