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    Question Question for all you Fina Kit Users

    I am looking to make my own fina. Not for me to use but for my friend to hopefully save him money. So here is the question.

    How many ml can you make @ 75-80mg with (one) fina kit and (1)cartridge. Ten (10) doses are in each cartridge.

    I am going to be using a kit from:

    And if you really want to help me out b/c I am bad with math figure out how many kits and how many cartridges I would need to make 50ml @ 75-80mg.

    Answer these questions and I will send you naked pics of me j/k
    Thanks in advance.


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    The 'F' kits

    Famous, First, Fastest, Finest, Fina kits in 75mg/ml that everyone loves is used to separate fillers and glues from your final sterile solution. (These are the kits which can be used with pellets where it's legal)
    '2gF' kits produce 23-25ml from 2000mg for $25.
    '4gF' kits produce 50-53ml from 4000mg for $35.
    '8gF' kits produce 100-105 ml from 8000mg for $60.
    '10gF' kits produce 120-125ml for $75.

    that should tell youall you need to know

    the 4g is what you want that is 2 carts of fina.

    so when do I get my pics.

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    i hope i dont sound dumb but i am going to make my own also,but looking at the page in link,it says everything in kit except pellets,dont you need them

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    selling a convertion kit that includes fina is a company waiting to get tossed by the DEA. Tren is illegal when turning into injectable. Go look for fina in vet sites.

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    you need the 4 gram kit and 2 carts of fina. that will make just about 50ml. If you need help finding the carts pm me
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