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    Friends Cycle A Few Questions

    Weeks: 1-6 Fina 75mg ed
    Weeks: 1-6 Test prop 50mg ed
    Weeks: 1-6 Winny 50mg ed

    Clen two weeks on two off during cycle.

    Weeks: 1-2 Clen Run Like this:

    Question 1: How does this cycle look.

    Question 2: I can get 50/50mg Pills for $50 or Vials @ $7. The pills are much cheaper. Will the pills work as well as the injectable. He has limited funds.

    Question 3: Can or Should he run Arimidex @ .25 ED throughout the cycle.

    Question 4: When should he start Clomid.

    Feel free to add to this or fix it up as you see fit. I am putting this together for him as a favor. I have these answers in my head but It will releave some possible doubts before I had him over this cycle. As Usual Thanks in Advance


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    1. The cycle looks strong like the one 4plates' new cycle.

    2. The **'s 50mg blues are good.

    3. You won't, IMO, need anti-e, b/c of the winny. However, if it puts your mind at ease I say take it.

    4. Clomid comes 2 days after the last dosage.

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    all i can add is dont buy the injectable form of clen , the tabs are much better for us humans, the injectable only works well in farm animals, from what ive read about it.

    cycle does look like a lot like 4p's, and if you can dig up that thread, you'll get some additional ideas on your own cycle, problem is i cant remember how he titled it.............

    peace bb79

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    short sweet cycle if i recall

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