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    D3, T4, what size pinz

    Ok I have a question about pin size. I know that the rule of thumb is 1 1/2 inch for glutes but does that go for everybody. I mean i dont have much of a butt so wouldnt i be ok using a 1inch cause it would be the same as somebody with a big butt using a 1 1/2 inch.

    One more question if i mix Deca300 and T4 in the same syringe what is the smallest needle i can get away with. 23g lower or higher

    As you can see im not a very big fan of needles


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    Dude, you're the only person I've ever seen call deca 300 "d3" and test 400 "t4." As far as gauge size, 23 will work, 24 might be pushing it. I stick with 22's. As far as needle length, you have a much better chance of not making it in your muscle than you do of sticking it through. I've used 1 inch before, but why not just get 1.5" and stick it in all the way? If you can't take it, then just stick it in at least 2/3 of the way. The extra half inch makes no difference in pain, but it can make a difference in results.

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    I hope you are using deca with the t4 in the same dart. If not, welcome to the world of t4.

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