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    Gonna buy from the sponsor: Best protein....Girl Dilema

    Ok, my girl wont stop bugging me about getting her some protein. It's driving me a bro out who is desperate enough to post in the wrong forum.

    The protein i get is pretty expensive (about 50 for 5lbs) and she would like to pay less. But i have been getting this for so long that i have no idea what other proteins are both great tasting (at least good) and great (or at least good) quality. Any ideas from what to get from the site or at least at your local supplement store.

    Thanks for any time is wasting....stop reading and help

    no seriously, STOP

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    the sponsor protein is pretty good... can;t beat 10 lbs for like 38 bucks. def go with the chocolate thoguh vanilla is pretty nasty

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    i like ISO Pure I believe i spelt it right. personally i get a lot of free protein and as long as the protein content is high i could care less what it tasted like and how easy it mixed with milk or water or whatever

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    They got a good sponser. I just placed a order for a bunch of protein and it shipped out the next day and is tracked to arrive wed. Great service as far as I'm concerned. I use to go through DPS

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    my girl does not like the texture of the protien that you mix with milk. ex. chocolate. so i got her to try some of the isopure and she liked it better. you are probable going to spend around 30.

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    Dymatize Elite Whey, 5 lb for like $28. Green apple or Mocha. Tastes awesome, unlike most shakes....get so sick of those normal vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate...yucks!

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