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    precontest stack need help

    im new here, moderate user, i have learned alot lately
    im 5 wks out, currently taking
    300mg sus wk
    250mg deca wk
    1 superclen day
    im planning on stopping the deca & sus 3 weeks out and starting
    winny & primo or eq up to the show
    what does any one think
    i have held on to muscle pretty well at my size
    207 @ 6% or lower by now
    give me some ideas for this show and more to come

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    Eq generally takes about 5 weeks to kick in so that may not work out so well. The winny could do you nicely. I wouldn't have used deca and sust personally as they tend to cause water bloat - even stopping it 3 weeks out - which is not desireable for competition. Fina would do you nicely about now. Good luck.

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    cut out the deca now! it will take forever to completely get rid of that bloat.

    stick to winny and primo, but primo takes 3 weeks to kick in as does eq, so you should start them now. 10mg/day halo 10 days out wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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    How about prop, winny, and fina.

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