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    best shampoo on AS

    Which shampoo ill save your head from being bald?? is there a certain shampoo you guys use for not losing hair? i read a couple of threads about it but it didn't come clear to me...FLAMES AWAY PLEASE...

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    Just a short note, My PCP was checking my test levels and asked me what shampoo I used. I asked him why and he said that some of the shampoo's that are out on the market that say they help with hair loss can lower your Test levels.

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    May seem wierd but I found a great shampoo for my complexion on AS ,....Paul Mitchell's Tee Tree Oil Shampoo.If I'm not mistaken it has the Eucaliptus Plant (Spelling) along with a Vapo Rub Tingling sensation.I know it sounds wierd but pick up a bottle and you'll see. On a sidenote I took a shower with my ex-girl once when we came home from a rave,... and the rolls with the shampoo created memories that are permanently imprinted on my mental Hard drive.

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    I think you should find a good herbal shampoo. I've been using "Prairie Naturals (Hair Care System)" I think that's the company name, the shampoo's called Goldenrod (Therapy Shampoo) For Fine or Thinning hair types.

    I've been losing my hair since I was 16, i'm almost 20 years old now (in a few months). I started using this shampoo for a few months now, and I think it's really helping my hair out. I think it's slowing down the fallout speed. Not that much hair on my pillow when I wake up, or while i'm washing my hair, etc...

    Give it a try, I'm not sure where you can find this though, I buy it from a store in Toronto. But ask around.

    Hope this helps. Good luck

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    Any shampoo with silica/horsetail in in will do a great job. Also take some Essential fatty acids as they play a key roll in healthy Hair/skin/nail production

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    I've been using "thick headed" made by headgames.
    It's a newer product. It contains an exclusive concentrated wheat protein-fortified blend that bonds to hair to bring out extra volume and thickness for hair strands that are in too fine of a condition.
    I've been using it for 4 weeks now and I must say that my hair definetly got thicker. I'm not saying that this is a miricle product but it definetly helped me out.


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    I bought some Nioxin a week ago but I guess it'll be a while b4 I start seeing results.

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