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    Burning Fat At The End Of My Cycle

    After I finish my cycle I'm going to want to burn off the extra fat that I have/gained. I'm doing Sust/Deca for 500/400 per week for 8 weeks. I'm thinking of Primo, Clen , or Fina for two or three weeks at the end, depending on what I take(I can get British Dragon Tren 10mls for 130 bucks. I assume it's ready for injection if it's already in liquid form?) So what do you guys think? I'm leaning more toward Primo. This is going to be my first cycle too, so I'm not sure how I feel about the Fina.

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    Primo 3 weeks, you wont see too much results. Fina, IMO, also need to be run for longer period than 2 to 3 weeks, although it kicks in right o way. I think you should concentrate on getting big (Bulking) on this cycle and wory about cutting the next. However, you can clean the diet sand start doing cardio to cut the fat considerably.

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    damn, you need to take some time off. when you finish your cycle then finish. it'll take a few more weeks to get the water bloat out, but wait another 10-12 weeks before using anything again.

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    Just run some clen when you start your clomid, this way you'll burn some of the fat off at the same time preserving the mass you've gained, as clen is anti-catabolic. That's what I'm doing at the end of my current cycle. Plus it's cheap.

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