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Thread: GH question

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    GH question

    Is it worth it to take 4iu's a day of GH for a month along with either a test or winny? or can you take it alone? or would it be better to take 2iu's a day for 2 months?

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    Some of these guys are going to tell you that you need to take GH for months. I don't buy that. It will work even when only taking it for a short time period. I added it in after a month of taking 30mg of D-bol a day and 200 mg test per week and added 15 lbs in two weeks. Most of it wasn't water either and my strength increased greatly. I did take insulin with it.

    I wouldn't take GH alone. The body loves it with androgens.

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    Yep, some of us are going to tell him that........guys who have used hGH for nearly a decade and read all the research available.
    Best results with GH are seen in cycles of at least 12 weeks with 2iu or more a day. Most users will not notice appreciable results until week 6 to 8.
    Use of insulin and an androgen (test) and something to stimulate IGF-1 will yield the best results with hGH, when the creation of new lean muscle mass is the goal.
    An excellent bridge that allows for recovery of the HPTA while maintaining mass is GH and insulin alone.
    hGH can be used alone if leanness is the only goal......Most studies have shown decreases in body fat and skinfold measures with GH treatment (Jorgensen 1989, Salomon F, Tagliaferri 1998). Decreases in fat mass of about 16% and decreases in thigh adipose mass of about 7% were reported.
    To specifically answer your question, I would opt for the 2iu/2month approach with test AND winstrol instead of the 1 month 4iu approach...........unless I was one month out from a drug tested show and hoped to keep my size and get a little leaner.
    How many iu a day? We only produce .5 to 1.5iu a day, so even 2iu in the AM is a considerable increase.
    If I was you, I would wait until I could afford at least one, preferably 2 more kits......and do it right.

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