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    Question please give me feedback on new cycle!

    week 1-10 400mg ttokkyo eq once a week
    week 1-10 500mg sust frontload 750mg first 2 weeks
    week 1-7 100mg test suspension eod
    week 8-12 40mg mesanolon ed

    week 14 clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg 10 days,50mg for 10 days

    have plenty of nolvadex

    i am 6'7" ,210lbs,dont know my bodyfat but i am very lean. this is my 5th cycle, 3rd one stacking.
    hardgainer. am i starting the clomid at the right time? has anyone used mesanolon tabs, heard they are real good for hardening. never used test suspenion(am i taking it too long) nor eq(always used decca). please give me feedback, would like to start cycle soon. thanks.

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    i would shoot the eq 2x a week

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    that's a shitload of test. have you ever used suspension before? i'd personally just add more long ester test to avoid the ed injections you need with suspension (not eod).

    the methyl dht is great, you'll love it.

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    Also, i would shoot 1,000mg of sust for weeks 1 and 2...750mg isn't much of a frontload...

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    That suspension is a bitch! I would also go to 1000mg sus for the front load, if you dont have d-bol. also do the EQ twice a week and mix it with the sus in the same pin. If you dont gain off this cycle then your in trouble. You must have a great metabolism. good luck bro!

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    You really should do the EQ at 100mg EOD (or 150 EOD) - not weekly. That's a shitload of test. You might want to throw in some Proviron along with the Nolvadex for that much test. That's a serious cycle man. Good luck!

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