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    Unhappy Inverted

    Not sure of where to post this, so mods, feel free to bounce this around where you see fit.

    I have a weird problem, well, it's not even really a problem I suppose. As far back as I can remember, I've had inverted nipples (they don't stand erect, they go "in"). My dad or grandfathers didn't have it, so I don't what the deal is. No pain associated with it or anything, nothing abnormal at all, just inverted nipples. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience or has heard anything about it. I know it's not gyno or anything because there is not fat deposit involved, not to mention the fact I've never taken gear. Throw some opinions at me.

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    mrs. evil has one nipple that's a bit shy too. if i rub on it it will come out an play. you have nothing to worry about. if you think it looks funny then just do what t_g said, coax them out.

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    fif - my nipples are exactly the same! dont worry about it, i dont!

    in fact they do stand out on two major occaisions without deliberate prompting - just after a heavy shoulder or arm workout (dont ask why i really dont know!) and just after cardio when im hot and i strip my rather wet t-shirt off!

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