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    Talking took home first place ,open middle weight Mr. buffalo 2002

    Hey guys , I just took first place in open middle weight at the 2002 Mr. Buffalo. The overall was very close, I was told that it was between me and the light heavy. I screwed myself up in the morning and overdehydrated, and as everone knows the morning is what counts.Thr judges said that what made it such a tough decision was that I bounced back and was in a lot better shape at night. i still think the morning is what beat me though. Its mine for the taking next year ,Ill move up to light heavys and kick some ass. Then its off to the states. Well if anyone wants to know what my strategy was,and what not to do,feel free too ask.

    Peace out bros.
    Im going to eat

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    congrats'll get'em next year...

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    congrats bro. good job. let's see some pics

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    Post a pic of this first place phisique

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    lets see some stats bro, age , weight cotest and weight during bulking,cycles,ect.

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