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    everyone on here I need info about pharmagroup. com real or fake?

    me and me cousin purchased some deca winstrol d bol from pharmagroup . com 30 mg of d bol 8 weeks 10 weeks of deca 2 shots of 200 a week plus the winstrol and he is huge whats the deal people say they are scammers

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    Mike Guest
    yes they are scammers - but please dont ask on this board - PM a mod next time bro - thanks

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    What's up with posting two threads saying the exact same thing? Anyway there is such thing as a selective scammer. You might have got your stuff but they have scammed many people also. Its like going to Vegas. I personally work too hard for my AAS money to throw it all down on black.

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    I placed a order 4 weeks ago at pharmagroup, and i had my gear in two weeks.A few friends of mine they did also place a order at pharmagroup and they did get it to.Maybe the reason why we did get our gear is because we live in Europe(Netherlands).If you place a order it wil shipped from various points in Europe.Example I placed a order 4 weeks ago(300 D-BOL russians) and i did get it in 2 weeks my order was shipped through France. Here in the Netherlands a lot of people order at Pharmagroup.In the history it was proven that phramagroup sucked.But now they have an new pacaging and shipping method and now the most packagings arrive if they aren't seized by Customs.

    I'm not saying that you should place a order at pharmagroup but here we did'nt had that much problems with pharmagroup.

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    F##k me is this free endorsments and who we should order from?

    C,mon guys if narcs whoever are reading this you have just given them hell of a big invatation to keep an eye on them legit or not.

    Lets keep this sort of stuff off the board -what do you reckon?


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