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    Collecting Your Stellar Posts for Educational Threads.

    OK, I volunteered to help beef up the Educational Threads section.

    Any of you guys remember some of your Brilliant Pearls of Wisdon that you have previously spewed out that would be worthy of passing on to new readers of this forum?

    Post the URLs of your Perals of Wisdon here, or PM me with the URL.

    Don't be shy: I want them even if they are partial or incomplete considerations of the topic 'cuz I might be able to combine them with other's people's posts to get a complete picture.

    And I wil make sure that credit is given where credit is due: all posts will get proper attribution.

    And if you have suggestions for topics that should be in the Educational Threads sections, pass them on, I will be trying to add some new topics there as well.

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    Good call... Ill do some research too and post it.


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