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    Order your own Lab work for Houston residents

    Just wanted to pass this info on to those of you that live in Houston, TX. You can order your own test total for $30.00 and Test free for $40.00 at a private company called YourHealthLab. I am thinking about using them for some research I am doing. I am not connected with them in any way. Check out their web site at

    You can also have other lab work other than test too.

    Just trying to help for those that are using gear and not getting tested by a doctor. Be safe bro's.............

    Here is their mission statement off the web.....

    Your Health Lab was created to fill the need of individuals for direct access to laboratory tests. Our goal is to save you time and money while maintaining the highest quality of service. We understand and can address your need for confidential reporting. Most results are available within 24 hours.

    Our state/federal certified laboratories provide you with reliable tests and access to any clinical laboratory test currently available in the United States.

    We are Your Health Lab, ready to serve your laboratory testing needs.
    9000 SW Frwy, Suite 180 . Houston, TX 77074
    713-771-9667 . Fax 713-771-9668
    Customer Care Line 1-866-You-H-Lab (968-4-522)
    [email protected]

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    flying overhead in my fina-jet...
    Is this for blood work or to test gear?

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    Its for blood work. Sorry for not making that clear. Wish I could find a lab that could test gear.

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