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    excellent DNP information.

    I ordered it from my english connection. first was swift mail and was inspected by customs and let through, but it didnt make it past my mom's curious eye, who just happened to drop by and check on me. the second one came a day later and I took 400mg today, a little stupid because I have a 100 degree fever right now, but hey you guys know Im a desperate f&ck.
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    What the exactly is DNP ?...heard bad things about it...

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    DNP is an effective drug to burn fat but very dangerous.

    "it burns fat like no other. Let me just tell you of it's other uses before I continue. First, it is a toxic dye, chemically related to Trinitrophenol (Picric Acid), second, it is found in insecticides, wood preservatives, herbicides, explosives, and is also a hazardous material. Third, it is used in science to couple or attach to DNA molecules."

    I got that from the link on the main sight under Drug profiles. I would definitely read over that before considering taking it.

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    BigD is correct. It's also a pesticide, a solvent, a dye, an explosive, a photo developer, and a wood preservative. It is highly toxic if not used correctly. It does have its place. But, BE CAREFUL!!!

    DNP is an agricultural pesticide (a herbicide) but is not registered for use in New York State. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, it was sold in the 1930’s in diet pills but was banned in 1938 because of severe health effects. Dinitrophenols are toxic to the liver, kidney and nervous system. The chemical causes hyperthermia (increased body temperature), dehydration, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), restlessness and manic behavior and convulsions which typically signify an immediate life-threatening intoxication. There are anecdotal reports of other deaths from DNP as a weight loss supplement.

    What are dinitrophenols?
    (Pronounced di-ni'tro-fee'nolz)

    Dinitrophenols are a class of manufactured chemicals that do not occur naturally in the environment. There are six different dinitrophenols.

    The most commercially important dinitrophenol, 2,4-di-nitrophenol (DNP), is a yellow solid with no smell. It is used in making dyes, wood preservatives, explosives, insect control substances, and other chemicals, and as a photographic developer.

    It was used in diet pills in the 1930s but was banned for this use in 1938. It may be sold under several trade names, including Caswell No. 392, Sulfo Black B, and Nitro Kleenup. Use of trade names is for identification only and does not imply endorsement by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the Public Health Service, or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    What happens to dinitrophenols when they enter the environment?

    DNP enters the air, water, and soil during its manufacture and use.
    It may be formed from reaction of other chemicals in the air.
    DNP may also enter the environment through landfill and storage tank leaks, or accidental spills during manufacture or transport.
    It dissolves slightly in water, and does not easily evaporate to air.
    It can be broken down slowly in water and soil by small organisms or by reacting with other chemicals.
    DNP sticks to particles in water, which will cause it to eventually settle to the bottom sediment.
    DNP also sticks to some types of soil particles, which may prevent it from moving very deep into the soil with rainwater.
    DNP probably does not build up significantly in fish.
    How might I be exposed to dinitrophenols?

    Breathing contaminated workplace air where it is manufactured or used.
    Breathing contaminated air from DNP-containing waste sites, waste incineration, or automobile exhaust.
    Touching contaminated soil or water near DNP-containing waste sites.
    Ingesting contaminated soil or water near DNP-containing waste sites.
    How can dinitrophenols affect my health?

    Most of the information on the health effects of dinitrophenols comes from old studies of patients who were prescribed diet pills containing dinitrophenol before it was banned.

    Deaths have occurred in people who ingested 3–46 milligrams of dinitrophenols per kilogram of body weight per day (3–46 mg/kg/day) for short periods, or 1–4 mg/kg/day for long periods. Also, people who breathed air containing 40 mg dinitrophenols per cubic meter of air (40 mg/m3) for long periods have died.

    The amount of dinitrophenols ingested that causes harmful effects varies among people. Increased basal metabolic rate (the rate that you use energy at complete rest), increased sweating, a feeling of warmth, weight loss, and increased heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature have been observed in people who swallowed as little as 1 mg/kg/day or as much as 46 mg/kg/day for short or long periods of time.

    Ingesting 2–4 mg/kg/day DNP for short or long periods has caused cataracts in some people, while ingesting 1–4 mg/kg/day for short or long periods has caused skin rashes and decreases in white blood cells.

    How likely are dinitrophenols to cause cancer?

    The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and the EPA have not classified dinitrophenols for carcinogenicity.

    There are no studies available in people or animals on the carcinogenic effects of dinitrophenols.

    Is there a medical test to show whether I've been exposed to dinitrophenols?

    Tests are available that measure the amount of DNPs or their breakdown products in blood, urine, and samples of tissue from the body. However, these tests may require special equipment and may not be available in your doctor’s office.

    Has the federal government made recommendations to protect human health?

    The EPA recommends that not more than 70 parts of dinitrophenols per billion parts of water (70 ppb) be present in lakes or streams used for swimming.

    The EPA lists DNPs as hazardous air pollutants (HAP) under the Clean Air Act. The EPA also requires that discharges or spills into the environment of 10 pounds or more be reported.

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    i can understand your excitement, but be careful. don't ever take 400mg all at once again, especially on your first try.

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    yes espeically as you get hotter over next few days.. .so watch it.

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    well nobody ever mentioned the good stuff.
    1lb of body fat lost everyday on an 8 day cycle, results pending..
    You dont really have to resrict your diet, just eat healthy... I hate BO diets now, sick of anything meat...:-)
    The stuff is cheap...
    Its actually pretty safe as long as you stay within 400-600mg a day depending on your body weight. Im 215 so 400 a day is what Im taking, might bump it up, seeing that I have three DNP shipments with my name on it, somewhere in the world. Heres a post with the info if you want.

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    Everything you need to know about DNP !

    Written by Animal.
    Why you might want to use DNP.

    Add some DNP to an animals diet. DNP can get metabolism up at least 50% which is conservative as some say
    75% This would mean if the animal eats 3000 calories maintenance they are now at 1500 calories a day with no
    change in diet! A 2500 calorie a day would leave them with 1250 calories a day. There are 4086 calories in 1lb of
    fat and at 3000 calories a day your DNP adjusted calories for the day is 1500. Multiply that x 7 days to give you
    10500 calorie deficit which is 2.5 lbs of fat loss for the week. At the 2500 calorie you have a 2.14 lb fat loss. These
    are both below what the BO diets claim and you don't have to stop eating!

    If your animals weigh around 200lbs their effective dose is 400mg and the max can be as high as 800mg a day.
    High fat diets market on the basis that you are going to be able to lose 1.5-2lbs of fat by just changing your diet!

    1 gram of fat is 9 calories. There are 454 grams in a 1 pound. This gives you 4086 calories for 1lb of fat. If you
    want to lose that 1lb of fat you have to have a 4086 calorie deficit to do it. In other words, you need -4086 calories
    in your diet if you want to lose 1 lb of fat. Now, Let's say you are at 3000 cal a day for maintenance. That is 21000
    calories a week. You believe the marketing of the post above and think you can lose 1.5lbs of fat. That, my friends,
    is 6129 calories which you have to subtract from 21000 which leaves you with 14871 calories for the week or 2124
    calories a day. You are going from 3000 to 2124 a day. If you want to lose that great sounding 2 pounds you are
    now at 12828 for the week or 1832 calories a day.

    Let's be realistic and put you at 2500 maintenance calories. To lose 1.5lb you now need 11371 calories a week or
    1624 calories a day or a nearly 900 calorie a day change. To lose the magical 2lb a week you need 9328 calories for
    the week or 1333 calories a day or a 1167 calorie change per day! That is rather difficult, but let's add some DNP
    which can get you metabolism up at least 50% which would mean you are now at only 1500 calories a day for a
    3000 calorie diet with no change in diet! A 2500 calorie a day would leave you with 1250 calories a day.
    These are both below what the BO diets claim and you don't have to stop eating!

    What you want to keep in mind

    Everyone is different.

    Don't take it on an empty stomach or it will feel like you have indigestion for most of the day.

    I wanted to stress not to just go balls out (5mg/kg) and you should move up gradually on DNP for your first

    If you have an allergic reaction with red spots and itching then stop the DNP and get some Benadryl and then you
    should be able to start again.

    The type of diet will also affect how you feel, as well as the type of workouts you are doing. These are variables
    you also will have to figure out for yourself. The logic of my dieting regimen follows that while you are DNP all
    the glycogen/glucose is being scavenged to provide ATP for the mitochondria so you will want to eat a regular diet.
    High fat BO is not going to help you build muscle even though DNP is anti-proteolytic (protein sparing)..
    Furthermore, when you eat fat it is more likely to go to fat! That is scientifically proven. So if I'm trying to burn
    fat, why would I want to eat it right back?

    DNP is anti-proteolytic which means it uses carbohydrates or fats exclusively to supply energy for the mitochondria
    and does not facilitate muscle breakdown, however, this does not therefore mean DNP is positive for muscle
    building. The cells are running on overdrive and they are not going to be looking to make themselves bigger which
    requires even more energy.

    Everyone is different and other supplements you take will affect your results, but as a whole, most people are not
    going to do well or feel well on high fat and DNP. I also have found that taking particular supplements helps with
    how will you feel while on the DNP.

    I feel better when I don't do huge carbs, however, when I don't do any as in high fat type diets, my workouts suffer
    just the same. Each individual has to decide for themselves and put those factors into perspective with what their
    goals are and how fast they want to accomplish them and how bad they are willing to feel for the desired weight

    I have to say that a certain guru which some people keep quoting is what I feel to be a very unreliable source. I will
    give him credit for bringing DNP to the forefront, but I will bet you a million bucks that he has never done it or
    mixed it. Here is a quote that bears this out; 'I don't see what the worry is about everything turning yellow? I have no
    problems, I just dry it out and cut it with a credit card and cap it.'

    That is total BULLSHIT!. Anyone who has used or mixed DNP powder knows that it will get on
    EVERYTHING and turn it yellow. It goes through plastic bags. Just today I was sending someone 3g for research
    and I put it into a ziploc and 2 hours later I came back and the envelope under the bag was YELLOW! It goes
    through 1 laver of rubber gloves. It turns white HDPE bottles yellow. It floats everywhere. I had to put my stuff in a
    hood because it got on everything I had sitting out and I had to wash all my glassware and scales before I could use
    them again. DNP floats by sublimation which would be known just be reading the safety sheet or the Merck Index..
    On the basis of that statement alone I have some real problems believing anything he says on the subject, but
    another famouns quote is, 'DNP will raise your body temp high enough to kill you!' This also proves that he has
    never done it because as you will find, your body temp only goes up about one degree. Ok, enough about the fake

    Someone just asked me if the shit I sent them was real. Well, if you want a test then rub it on your hands and throw
    some on your carpet. When your carpet has to be replaced because NOTHING can remove the yellow and you look
    like a total ass because your hands are bright yellow, then you can ask me if it is real!

    Mostly people are taking DNP for 1 week at a time because it exhausts you and you sweat a lot, usually that is what
    I do, but due to my 'work' with DNP I got a dose while on an ECA week and that combination of DNP-ECA was
    like methamphetamine. In fact it was better because it had less side affects. I would venture that DNP-PPACA
    would also have the same methamphetamine effects. At this time I do not know, however, whether PPA works on
    the same receptor so I would not do them back to back in cycles. ECAY where Y is yohimbine is also a
    combination that has meth type benefits. Clen -DNP did not exert any magical meth benefits that I noticed.
    Have not taken PPACA or PPACA-DNP or PPACAY.

    Tyramine and yohimbine are awesome and someone that I hold using it was getting goosebumps and asked a
    pharmacologist what the goosebumps were about. The pharmacologist told him that it meant he was burning a lot
    of calories. I love this combination and it is just like meth due to large releases of NA although it only lasts 4 hours
    or so.

    DNP also 'upgrades' the effects of clen. If you have used clen before and it had/has stopped working, then DNP
    will bring back it's glory.

    I like to keep the clen and DNP a week apart due to the affects they have on T3 although they work on different
    mechanism it is just a precaution to keep from shutting down the T3. You could add Y to it for an added benefit
    which will not cause downgrade of anything. Reports on DNP-Y indicate a higher rise in body temperature on this

    Due to the systemic affects of DNP, it affects EVERY cell in the body that has mitochondria, including smooth
    (digestive) and muscle and fat as well, you will not see a significant rise in body temp like you see with clen or
    ECA. Clen and ECA work primarily on muscle cells and that causes a rise in body temp just as if you were working
    out. I don't know why this is such a difficult concept for some to understand, but I was sweating like hell recently,
    and I took my temp and it was 95.8. ON DNP!


    The basics first. DNP is a classified as a chemical poison. It's mode of action is to disrupt the ETC (electron
    transport chain) and cause uninhibited exchange of protons. This exchange of protons is what is responsible for
    making ADP into ATP. NOTHING can stop the disruption of this process once it starts. DNP works no matter
    what! High or low T3 has nothing to do with whether or not DNP affects the mitochondria and burns off extra
    energy. DNP gets into the cell and into the mitochondria and causes proton release. No other hormones are needed
    or noted.

    Even so, it works in much the same way as clen or ECA or PPACA or thyroid. They ALL cause the metabolism to
    speed up. These all work via the mitochondria as well, although the non-DNP diet drugs work on the receptors first
    and DNP goes directly to the mitochondria, the results are the same which is speeding up the metabolism to burn

    Some other important facts you should know are how ephedrine and beta-3 activation drugs work.
    These both cause uncoupling of the ETC chain just like DNP! Ephedrin works part of its magic via beta-3's and
    much research has been done looking for a magic beta-3 drug. Why, we have it and it is called DNP! If you are
    sitting around and something is making you hotter, you are most likely experiencing an uncoupling of the ETC
    chain. No big deal, but DNP just causes a greater effect.
    I knew there was a reason that you CANNOT die from DNP usage, at least the doses many are doing. I talked to a
    couple people about this but just couldn't find the info to prove it. Ok, so what does DNP do? It uncouples the
    ETC or oxidative phosphorylation as was elaborate upon above, allowing electron flow to go unchecked at maximal
    rate and resulting in heat production and ATP depletion.

    ATP depletion is the key. What condition exists when you have totally exhausted all ATP and no more is being
    created? A very good instance we all know about is when you are dead and it is called 'rigor mortis'. Rigor mortis
    results because no more ATP is binding to the myosin head of the sarcomere in the muscle fibers.

    So what does this have to do with us? No one has ever had rigor mortis on DNP or even severe cramping that has
    ever been documented. Furthermore, and to be more specific as to the uncoupler DNP, the electron gradient is
    collapsed and it runs unchecked at maximal as I have explained above, but as the gradient continues to increase
    electron transport becomes more difficult and the process SLOWS! Additionally, under very large artificially
    created electrochemical proton gradients, normal electron flow stops and may even result in
    REVERSE electron transport flow!

    All that was complicated and here is what it means. The respiration chain has a safety mechanism which allows for
    feedback controls to keep you from killing yourself. This is also another reason you will not want to do DNP for
    long periods. If you have taken enough as to create a large gradient the flow of electrons your burning of calories
    might even STOP! This will happen if you don't eat enough calories and appears to be more detrimental on a high
    fat type diet because as you will see below, glucose can ameliorate charge differentials in the mitochondria and at
    the cell surface while on DNP.

    DNP works NO MATTER WHAT! It uncouples the electron transport train (ETC) and there is nothing you can do
    to stop it. Some have said it doesn't work after a small dose or only after taking DNP for 2 days or so. I think they
    are the same kind of person who would take a drink of beer and say, 'Oh, I'm not drunk so alcohol doesn't work'!
    Alcohol still affects your brain cells and hormone levels and slows down the metabolism. Just because you didn't
    drink enough to be drunk doesn't mean nothing happens!

    DNP is anti-proteolytic. This means DNP does not break down protein via the mechanism through which DNP
    works. DNP is actually better for you than cardio because exercise is PROTEOLYTIC which in itself is another
    reason to not be doing a high fat diet. High fat diets and exercise both lower insulin and raise glucagon levels which
    cause breakdown of protein. It is a proven fact that 10-20% of energy from exercise comes from AA breakdown as
    well as release of glutamine from the cells. DNP burns calories and does not affect hormone levels. Someone said
    something about it causing ketosis which is likely if you don't eat any carbs, but DNP is not, by itself going to
    affect insulin levels like glucose disposal agents metformin or phenformin.

    DNP is not going to be advantageous to muscle building. THIS DOES NOT DISAGREE WITH WHAT I WROTE
    ABOVE! It is anti-proteolytic via its mode of action, BUT if there is not enough energy in the cells to build muscle
    it ain't gonna happen. Again, diet is key.

    DNP is one of the SAFEST drugs you can take!!!!! Why? Am I nuts?! I am basing this on DNP's mode of action.
    DNP has one purpose and mechanism and affects nothing else, but the mitochondria. DNP does not affect hormone
    levels as do clen, ECA, T3, etc. It has no side affects that you don't expect such as shakes or cramping. Compare
    DNP to some of the Drugs the FDA has approved and look at their side effects and then tell me what is safer!

    After you read this study you need to ask yourself, need I say more? In the earlier paragraph on the mechanisms of
    DNP on the mitochondria I explained the safety mechanism which could keep DNP from being totally depleted of
    ATP. Some were saying ATP depletion would result in cell death. The study below illustrates another mechanism
    which I didn't know about. The crux of it can be summarized by this sentence: 'The failure to find a reduction in
    ATP concentration in either fibre type during prolonged exercise in the face of a progressive increase in the number
    of fibers showing little or no glycogen concentration suggests that protective mechanisms exist that prevent an
    energy crisis. The nature of these protective mechanisms remains to be elucidated. ' In other words,

    When glycogen is gone there is a mechanism which keeps ATP from being depleted which is unknown at present!

    Energy metabolism in human slow and fast twitch fibers during prolonged cycle exercise.

    Author Ball-Burnett M; Green HJ; Houston ME
    Address Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
    Source J Physiol (Lond), 437():257-67 1991 Jun

    1. The effects of prolonged exercise on energy metabolism in type I and type II muscle fibers in the vastus lateralis
    muscle were investigated in six male subjects (20.0 +/- 0.5 years, mean +/- S.E.M.) who performed one-legged
    cycling at 61% of maximum O2 consumption (VO2,max; determined with one leg) until fatigue or for a maximum
    of 2 h. 2. Analysis of pools of freeze-dried fibers obtained by needle biopsy and separated into specific types by the
    myofibrillar ATPase histochemical procedure indicated higher (P less than 0.05) lactate concentrations in type II
    fibers compared to type I fibers at 15 min (43.9 +/- 9.7 and 51.2 +/- 9.8 mmol (kg dry wt)-1) and at 60 min (18.2 +/-
    4.7 and 25.9 +/- 6.5 mmol (kg dry wt)-1). No differences existed in lactate concentration between fibre types for
    pre-exercise (10.0 +/- 1.6 and 13.3 +/- 2.8 mmol (kg dry wt)-1) or post-exercise. 3. Glycogen degradation was most
    pronounced in type I fibers. By the end of exercise, glycogen concentration was 82.4 +/- 45 mmol glucosyl units (kg
    dry wt)-1 in type I fibers and 175 +/- 62 mmol glucosyl units (kg dry wt)-1 in type II fibers. 4. No significant
    changes in ATP and creatine phosphate (CrP) were found in either fibre type with exercise. 5. It is concluded that,
    at least for lactate and glycogen, fibre-specific differences are evident in prolonged submaximal exercise. The cause
    of the difference probably relates both to the unique energy metabolic characteristics of each fibre type and to the
    manner in which they are utilized during the exercise. 6. The failure to find a reduction in ATP concentration in
    either fibre type during prolonged exercise in the face of a progressive increase in the number of fibers showing
    little or no glycogen concentration suggests that protective mechanisms exist that prevent an energy crisis. The
    nature of these protective mechanisms remains to be elucidated.

    DNP will make you breathe harder via a mechanism called cellular hypermetabolism. You aren't going to die if you
    are breathing hard! DNP works by increasing ventilation and oxygen consumption via hypermetabolism of the cell.
    DNP makes you breath hard.

    Role of tissue hypermetabolism in stimulation of ventilation by dinitrophenol.
    Author Levine S
    Source J Appl Physiol, 43(1):72-4 1977 Jul

    Several authors have hypothesized that tissue hypermetabolism accounts for increases in ventilation (VE) elicited by
    2,4-dinitrophenol. However, some data in the literature indicate that stimulation of VE by isomers of dinitrophenol
    is unrelated to tissue metabolic rate. To test this latter concept, we compared three different isomers of dinitrophenol
    (i.e., 2,4-dinitrophenol (2,4-DNP), 2,5-dinitrophenol (2,5,-DNP), 2,6-dinitrophenol (2,6-DNP) with respect to
    stimulation of VE and with respect to stimulation of oxygen consumption (VO2). In all experiments, 3-4 mg/kg of
    one dinitrophenol isomer was administered to chloralose anesthetized dogs by intra-arterial infusion. 2,4-DNP
    elicited large increments in both VE and VO2, 2,6-DNP elicited moderate increments in both VE and VO2, whereas
    2,5-DNP elicited small increments in both VE and VO2. These observations demonstrate a correlation between
    ventilatory and metabolic changes affected by isomers of dinitrophenol. Accordingly, these results are consistent
    with the hypothesis that ventilatory stimulation by congeners of dinitrophenol is related to tissue hypermetabolism.

    How to feel good on 600mg of DNP!

    This is not an advertisement because I sell more encapsulated DNP for research than I care to spend time making.
    Note: I sell it for 'Research'

    The longer I took DNP the more I realized those who had originally recommended DNP use were not looking at the
    big picture, and they had most likely never used it or mixed it themselves, and/or were just complete morons!

    Myth #1.
    You die on DNP from heat related to overdose.
    You die from dehydration resulting in heat exhaustion and then heat stroke.

    Myth #2.
    You can do it on high fat-low carbohydrate type diets.
    High fat-low carbohydrate diets are based on keeping your blood sugar and insulin low. DNP will also drive down
    your blood sugar, so if you want to have blurry vision due to low blood sugar and feel like hell, you go right ahead.
    Glucose also has some beneficial cellular effects when used with DNP..

    Myth #3. You will go blind.
    Right! If you do high fat-low carbohydrate diets and don't keep your blood sugar up and/or don't take pyruvate.

    Myth #4.
    You can't work out on DNP.
    Yes you can, if you know what you are doing and which I am about to tell you.

    As you may already know you, should be taking the following per day.

    1200-1500mg magnesium in 2-3 divided doses.
    2-3000mg vitamin C.
    1200IU of vitamin E
    200mcg of selenium.
    1000-2000mg of calcium (can't take it with the magnesium, though. Take it before bed)
    Melatonin if you can't sleep and it is also one of the best and cheapest anti-oxidants.

    Get to fat burning faster!

    This is something you can try after you have used DNP once and know your tolerance and is a DNP manual
    exclusive! Your working dose will be around 400mg a day, correct? The first day, however, you are going to take
    600mgs in divided doses! It takes DNP a couple days to build up so this won't bother you in the least. On the
    second day you will start taking 200mg caps every 8 hours until you are sweating or getting the heat you want. Now
    you are at your tolerance dose and you can space it out to the 36 hour dosing.

    Use a blood buffer to combat free radicals and lactic acid!

    Add up to one tablespoon of baking soda, sodium citrate, or potassium citrate to your drink of choice throughout the
    day. A mix of the sodium and potassium would be best. Why?
    What does DNP and exercise have in common? During high intensity exercise (supramaximal) ATP production is
    supplied by anaerobic glycolysis. This increases levels of H+ (protons) both inside and outside the cell via lactate
    and results in the feeling of fatique (Hermansen and Osnes; Sahlin) In the past, the use of sodium bicarbonate
    (baking soda) has been used and has been shown to decrease acidosis via buffering of the blood. The problem with
    baking soda is gastric distress and high salt intake with the recommended dosage of 300mg/kg which is around a
    tablespoon of baking soda for most people. Dosage for sodium citrate is 100mg-500mg per kg and did not give
    stomach problems to the users. Time to exhaustion was increased 15% which is the same as with baking soda.
    Alkalosis (making the blood basic) has been found to increase the rate of lactate and proton release from muscle
    into the blood. An increase in muscle pH causes phosphofructokinase inhibition (PFK) which is the controlling
    enzyme in glycogen utilization and therefore causes an increase in lactate formation. Those two mechanisms also
    will hold true for DNP as DNP releases protons which causes the heat. Get it out of the cell with the citrates.

    Hey animal just thought I'd let you know the great results I had with the DNP. I got tested hydrostatically and I'm at
    4.8%. DNP is really the shit. Anyway, a buddy of mine is competing in a month and he's currently at 7% bf(he's
    about 190lbs) and he'd like to do it for two weeks. I understand that the lower one's bodyfat % the greater amount
    needed (I responded very well to 4mg/kilo but I was also dieting)

    Questions I have answered for DNP users

    Are all of the losses on DNP fat losses?
    You can't ever say ALL in the scientific world, but it is the best we can get!

    Animal, you have been a big help already. I've got some questions for ya. I am 195#, and plan on taking 200 mg in
    evening and 200mg before bed. I also plan on taking pyruvate and glycerol (via your recommendation). I'll going to
    use a n/ ff cycle.
    1) Should I attempt to lift while on dnp?

    2) What dosage glycerol and pyruvate do you reccommend?
    3 tablspoons a day on the G and 3g of the P

    3) You said that you experienced an anabolic "burst" directly after coming off of dnp. Could this be contributed to
    your muscles reglycogenating themselves?
    No, because I didn't really get pumped, but strength went up.

    or do you feel that this is genuine protein synthesis?
    Yes, or nerve excitation/generation or a return of T3. Let me explain the nerve generation in more detail for a
    moment. When you do strength exercises of 5 reps or less you are training the nerves to fire more muscle cells and
    to fire those muscle cells in the sequence you want. Now, if we add DNP we are exhausting our muscle cells and
    they can't fire as strongly. Result? Your nervous system trains more nerves to fire other muscle cells which had
    previously gone un or underused when energy stores were high. You are getting a nerve training session due to
    exhaustion! The more I think about it the more it is like those overtraining programs where you overtrain for a week
    and you get a rebound. That is what is happening except you are overtraining at the same weights due to the DNP.
    Hehe. It is called overcompensation training and I'll take it!

    A user:
    Found some info 'bout DNP "With even a low dosage, in the area of 3-5 mg/kg of body weight a day, it will rate
    your metabolic rate 30%. If this dosage is continued daily, it will raise your metabolism by 50%. At this rate you
    can burn about 1 lb. of fat a day."

    Now, let's think about this for a second. If metabolism can go from 30-50% that means there is a residual amount
    left over from the previous dose and therefore the 36hour clearance dosing schedule which I recommend.
    Furthermore, when I overdosed on 800mg I sweat for OVER 48 hours so this tells me that the half-life can be even
    longer in some circumstances. It is, nonetheless, up to you as to how you want to take it. If every 24 hours is
    tolerable for you, then do it.

    A user:
    That's not what I've noticed. At present I'v even gained some weight. I'm 98 kg now. I don't look a bit harder but
    maybe I shouldn't expect that after only 4 days.
    You WILL hold onto to water! You WILL be depleting carbs from the muscle that will make you look flat! Most
    WILL NOT notice the benefits until a week or two later upon cessation of DNP. Some see benefits right away, but
    they appear to already have a bodyfat below 10%.

    A speculator wrote:
    For a person that is highly active and on a calorie restricted diet, DNP will deplete ATP within a matter of days.
    When this happens your body temperature will go back to normal. The only thing you can do at this point is
    supplement with in the dosage area of about 150 mcg/day."

    Believe me, you will feel wasted (tired) and LOSE muscle on the regimen and the liver does not control oxidative
    phosphorylation in every cell. You will still be hot regardless of your T3 levels.

    Won't the conversion of T4-T3 come back and function again after discontinuing DNP administration?
    Yes, and as long as you do some carbs at 600g a day for three days after.

    Or do I have to look to get T3 as well?
    Not really, if ATP was being ever totally depleted you would be cramping. Lack of ATP generation happens when
    you are what? DEAD!!!!!! It is called rigomortis and if people who write right about DNP had an education or an
    inkling about body chemistry and process they would know this! Total ATP depletion resulting in death of the cell
    is not possible. There is some safety mechanism and I imagine it is via the fat cells, but you will not deplete your
    ATP unless you are an anorexic or dead.

    And isn't a total lack of ATP what we want, so we can start burning fat instead of ATP?
    Wrong and this is not your fault, but again those who claim to be experts who are dispensing such disinformation.
    Once the ATP to ADP and to AMP is changed below a certain amount the cell gets it energy from another source
    which would be the fat. You are looking to burn the glycogen and then the fat is used. This does not mean ATP is

    Why is thermogenesis stopped if there isn't any ATP?
    Read above and it is never stopped. DNP NEVER stops working unless the proton gradient is severely altered.
    Even in such a case, parts of the mitochondria can have one direction of proton gradient while another section can
    have a DIFFERENT proton flow!

    Is this why you want a break after one week? To load up with ATP so thermogenesis can start again?
    No, so you don't feel like shit all the time and so you can get the liver converting T4-T3 again

    Is a one-week-break enough? Or maybe too short if I'm in a hurry.
    You could do DNP for 2 weeks or more if you want.

    Wouldn't it be enough just to discontinue the DNP-cycle to let the liver start converting T4 to T3?
    That is why you stop after a week!

    Where are ATP-molecules stored?
    In and/around the mitochondria and in the cytosol of the cell and ATP is attached to certain enzymes waiting for

    How much ATP do we have in storage?
    That is a major calculation and I haven't looked for an answer, but I don't think it is important as you can never get
    rid of all of it.

    A speculator:
    "The administration of DNP, at a dose of 3.5 mg per kilo, increases the total production of heat by about 40%, from
    the 3rd or 4th day. This increase of the metabolism is due MOSTLY to an increase in the combustion of the fat and
    a LITTLE to combustion of carbohydrates."
    Any comments on this?

    Again, you are seeing a residual affect. The molecules that the mitochondria use for production of ATP can come
    from carbs or fat, but the important part is that it is not from muscle.

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    Mar 2002
    This sounds like some crank I had several years ago. One hell of a weight loss program. Kinda pricey though.

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    May 2005
    i chcked in with my new yokr connect. dang he has liquid clen and eca but no 3 and dnp . i was looking forward to getting dnp. dang life sux nuts

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    nor cal
    dnp is a crazy substance. it hasn't been treating me bad so far. 1 pound a day fat loss in 10 days with 3 to go. i am ready to come off of it though. choking down all the pills is not very fun. i have had minimal side effects at 600mg. (i am in no way recomending that dose to anyone). no night sweats but i do sleep on top of the cover now with the window open. a little warm at work but still doing 40 minutes of cardio. so far i have nothing to complain about but the bloat. that will go away in time though.

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    I orderd DNP 300 mg tabs i got 50 tablets white with GL 850 imprinted on them has anyone ever seen or used these.

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    looks like i was scammed again
    Glucophage 850 mg--white, round, film-coated tablets

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