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    Spring and Summer Cycle

    1-15 .5mg Armidex p/d
    1-2 300mg Testolent
    1-9 500mg Test Depot
    10-12 500mg Testolent
    1-9 600mg **EQ
    1-4 **Anavar 8p/d
    1-6 **Tren 40mg p/d
    7-12**Winny 50mg p/d
    13-15 Clomid, 100, 50, 50

    I was also thinking of using the Tren in 7-12 instead of 1-6. Any suggestions for this????

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    if you're going to do daily injections then i'd suggest just going with the test prop the whole way and not to bother with the test enanthate . i'd prefer a short and sweet 7 week cycle of tren /winny/test prop. this way you only need to wait 7-8 weeks before hitting another hard cycle. eq and tren just don't fit well in the same cycle, but they don't cancel or inhibit each other either.

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