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    GH injection site - AB or Quad

    I just visited my mentor and he changed my routine a bit....

    we were hitting GH in the AB , 1" lateral of the belly button , on a 20degree angle.

    Now he understands that injecting in the AB can destroy the potency of GH and recommended the site of 2" above the knee ( alternating daily ).

    Pinch the flap top to bottom, and inject directly in the flap @ 90 degrees.

    Does this method have relevence.... please advise as maximum gains are wanted.

    Regards..... ENJ

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    Bro i see no way that injecting GH into the abs can "destroy the potency" can you explain the science behinde that. I know many people that inject into the abs and obliques w/ great results. You can inject it anywhere there is a fold of skin.


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