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    another shout out

    I know that a couple of thanks have been given to the board members in general, and espically to the mods, but i would just like to voice my thoughts of the mebers of this board as well. Never have i seen so many poeple willing to help poeple they havnt met much less talk to in my life. All members take time out of their day to help out others who are less knolegeable in the subject of BB and AS. I feel that this community as a whole has helped out so many to get the best out of as, and proabably saved lives of poeple who would have misussed the AS if it were not for the helping hand of the Mods and members. I dont want to seem like im sucking up or anything, im not, people like you guys need to get a thanks every once in a while, its the least someone like me or anyone that has gained so much knoledge from this board can do, and i feel its almost necissary. Again thanks to you all for your warm welcome and for the knolege you have given me, i hope that someday i can do the same for someone who needs help as well.

    thanks again guys- Chris

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    Mike Guest
    BUMP for the members on this board that spend a lot of time reading up and helping out

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    i'll bump it for ya bro, the other members should get to see this too..................

    peace bb79

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    Hell ya, this is the best board! Everyone really knows everyone else, tight knit group...I love you guys!! .. NOT THAT WAY NATHAN!!! SICCKKKKK... .................


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